Logo Design – Missy D

MissyD was once radio presenter on a well know Asian radio station coming to you each and every morning. She has now turned her sights too internet blogging on everyday topics that matter to the UK community, reaching US recently.

Still in her early days MissyD called upon her fans to help her provide a new identity online for her blog at www.missyd.com. As a fan of her early morning shows, I answered her calling. Armed with only her radio voice personality and “I’m looking for chic, contemporary, blingy…not cheap that has the wow factor” .

I set about to create a logo fit for a radio diva! Because her radio personality spoke volumes I was able to come with something in a short space of time. The thing I most enjoyed about this project was having the freedom to create something from scratch and having it appreciated from the word go. With a few tweaks from the client we was able to reach a final product (shown).